Frequently asked questions

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Why does your website randomly generate animal images?
Our website aims to provide a fun and creative way to satisfy people's desire to view animal images. Randomly generating animal images brings surprise and unpredictability, giving users a new experience every time they visit.
Where do the random animal images on your site come from?
The animal images on our website come from various public databases and image libraries, all screened to ensure good image quality and no copyright issues. We regularly update the image library to keep generating new random animal images.
Does your random animal generator offer any other features?
We allow users to download and share the randomly generated animal images. Users can also browse animals by category, such as dogs, cats, etc. In the future we will develop additional features like desktop wallpapers, animal screen savers, etc.
Can your random animal images be used for commercial purposes?
All images on our website are for personal non-commercial use only. Please contact us for licensing if you wish to use them commercially. We continue to expand our library of commercially usable animal images.
What makes your website worth recommending?
Our website has a rich variety of high-quality animal images, all cute and fun. The random generation makes each visit fresh and interesting. We continually add new animal species and features to let everyone easily access great animal images.
How does your website make random animal images?
Our website has a large database of animal images. When a user clicks the 'Random Animal' button, our system randomly selects an image from the database to display each time. This automated process allows us to generate unique and unpredictable animal images for users. We are continually expanding the image database to keep the random results varied and interesting.